Covid-19 Financial Relief for our DJs & Entertainers

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our goal $1,000,000.00

By december 25th, 2020



Our goal is to provide financial assistance for DJs and entertainers who are experiencing hardships during this pandemic. With the help of generous donations, we can help provide some much needed relief for DJs in this unprecedented time.

My Story

My name is Manny Llanes and here is my story. 


Most of you know me by my professional name, DJ Streak. I began DJing in the summer of 1992, just before my freshman year of high school. After graduation, I began my journey as a professional DJ, a livelihood that has provided both for myself and my family throughout the years. Although my career has had its share of highs and lows, I have always pulled through with the help of an astounding supporting cast. I am truly grateful to both God and my family for their love and allegiance. I am blessed to be a DJ. I’m fortunate to be able to make a living doing something that I have truly cherished my entire life.

​In 2006, I experienced a pretty big health setback. In June of that year, I almost died of a heart condition. That turned my whole life upside down, emotionally and financially. I was unable to work. I went through my savings and started to accrue debt. Now, I could handle that, I really could. The one thing I could not handle was the fact that I could not visit my aging grandmother. I was too ill to get out of bed, and that led to a new set of emotional demons. The only thing that kept me going was the thought that things could not get worse.

​As my physical health slowly got better, my mental balance was starting to devolve. I was not getting the psychiatric help that I needed, mainly because I had no idea that I needed it. When I finally saw a specialist, I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. One doctor even told me I was suffering also from PTSD. I thought that was only for soldiers, but I was wrong. I was living a horrible nightmare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I had no clue, even with the help of doctors how to better myself. I knew in my heart something was wrong with me. I just didn't know how to cope with it until later on. (If you or someone you know is feeling depressed or thoughts of suicide please call

1-800-273-8255 immediately)

​Fast forward to the following year, I decided to return to being a full time DJ. I felt renewed and even more passionate this time around. Even though I was still struggling with my depression and anxiety, I was more than happy to be back. DJing weddings, corporate events, concerts, festivals, retail, and cruise ships. I felt so alive travelling all over our beautiful world, and best of all I was back on my feet as an entertainer.

Present-time, 2020. An era of hardship that we as a civilization will never forget. I have lost about 90% of my work being a DJ. Almost overnight, all of my events were cancelled, and I refunded deposits to my clients. Like many others, I was extremely worried. I had house payments, medical bills, car payments, etc. Then one of my forward-thinking clients came up with a brilliant idea - I would live stream DJ sets for their team members across the world. It has saved me, both financially and emotionally.

​Over the past few weeks, I’ve spoken to many professional DJs. I help where I can with smaller bills; internet, electricity, phone, and some groceries. As I reach out to more people, I’m realizing that more DJs need help. When live events are your sole source of income, the closure of nightclubs and venues completely wipe out your ability to make money. I want to help them by providing meaningful amounts of relief funds. Since I can not handle this alone, I decided to create a fundraiser. With the help of some friends who have experience in advertising, marketing, and administration, we created this website to further educate and acknowledge our potential donors for this great cause.  


We are all in this together, and with your help we can overcome this pandemic. Let’s help our DJs get through this! There are many other stories like mine. My name is Manny Llanes and this is not only my story, it is ours.




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